About us

Turkish hospitality has a name – MANGAL

Discover our specialties for yourself and you will learn to love the delicate flavors of our cuisine. Tradition and quality ingredients are our recipe. Quality and experience are our basis. Experience the famous Turkish hospitality and our excellent service. Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, our special flair: modern, cozy and authentic.

Our effort is “Real pleasure in royal hospitality”!

It is not impossible to experience the exquisite pleasure of the originally preparation and art of enjoyment, formed and perfected by well versed Turkish BBQ Masters. We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to provide, the famous culinary delights (Cag Kebap) of the city of Erzurum and directly experience the delight of our Turkish cuisine.

Our kitchen

Turkish cuisine combines many influences and is therefore alive and authentic. At the time of the Ottoman Empire over ten different nations lived on the territory of today’s modern Turkey. Each one of them had their own typical eating habits.

From the fusion of these cultures, present Turkish cuisine has emerged all its delights.

Our cuisine and recipes are from eastern Turkey, the former Mesopotamia. The area was a hub for trade and exchange of spices and recipes in the 18th century. These special spice mixtures and recipes are our secret.

Our “Cag Kebab” is known for its special flavor, beyond the city limits of Cologne. Discover this experience by yourself – we look forward to welcome you.